Lawn Maintenance & Mowing


Enjoy perfect lawn care to extend your family bonding outside the four corners of your house

Nothing beats a relaxing lawn, especially during the hot summer months. Lawn mowing is not just something we are good at – we are simply fantastic at it!
The grass may always look greener on the other side, but we will make sure that all eyes will be focused on your lawn!

Maintaining a lawn requires attention and might consume your time. Maintaining a smooth and closely cut lawn is a necessity for aesthetic appeal of your home or due to social pressure from neighbors and local municipal ordinances requires it. So why let your property left behind? Designscapes will help you achieve a perfectly maintained and mowed loan.

Usually once a week is adequate for maintaining a lawn in most climates. However, in the hot and rainy seasons of regions contained in hardiness zones greater than 8, lawns may need to be maintained up to two times a week. Our team could visit your property every week to ensure your lawn is in great condition. These include:

  • Assess and identify problems on your property

  • Address your needs and provide specialty solution to your problems

  • Lawn mowing, edging, string trimming, and blowing equipped with quality proven materials and machineries

  • Our grass trimming will apply a healthy range of mowing practices to ensure that your green space stays fresh in both stormy weather and scorching heat

  • Gardening services that’s conducted by trained professionals with years upon years of experience in the field home improvement

  • Provide cost-efficient services

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Other Services Offered

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Commercial Snow & Ice Management

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